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Light from above


My long-listed story ‘Light from above’ has appeared on the Reflex Flash Fiction site.

You can read the story here:

Picture: telephone by Steve Wilson under CC BY 2.0

Bond Girl

1963 From Russia With Love 07


New story in My humiliations.

Fail Better


schnauer head

New Schnauser album ‘Irritant’ out now – contains Davey/Strawbridge track ‘Fail better’.  Follow the link below!


Green shield


A new story in My humiliations – click on toolbar at the top.





I’ve created a new page for the Schnauser lyrics I’ve written, should anyone be remotely interested.  Only a couple up at present, the others were written so long ago I’ve lost them…

Most pertinent…

Davey/Strawbridge composition ‘Fail Better’ mentioned in the first review for Schnauser’s Irritant.

New Schnauser album

schnauer head

Irritant – now available to preorder.  Contains new Strawbridge/Davey track ‘Fail Better’.

schnauer head

schnauer head

New poems


In Hold Fast




A new page on the tool bar – giving a little context to the images

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