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New page.  See toolbar.  Contains poems.  You have been warned.

New cover/new title

The Curse of Terror Hall James

Thank you to James Baker for designing a new cover for The Curse of Terror Hall.  A few tweaks and it may replace the current one (see below).  Moodier and more appealing to the adolescent reader – and more professional!  Thoughts and suggestions welcome.  I’m also thinking of changing the title as, frankly, it’s rather crap and gives the impression that the novel is for kids rather than teens.  New title suggestions would be appreciated from any who have read it.  I’d also like to keep it shorter so that it stands out more on the cover.


schnauer head

June sees a new Schnauser release, Irritant, featuring a new Davey/Strawbridge composition, Fail Better.  The lyric owes more than a passing nod towards Beckett’s Worstward Ho and has nothing to do with ‘uplifting’ growth mindset flim flam…

The Fog


A new story added to My humiliations.  Not perhaps one of my best but I’d be interested to know if anyone had heard of anything similar…

Bath Flash Fiction

My story ‘Train To The Mountains’ has been long listed for the Bath Flash Fiction award and will be published in the anthology in 2018.


Severn Press

Please take a look at the site for Severn Press, run by the excellent poet John Forth.


My humiliations


(and other ‘true’ stories…)

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Short story ‘Pets of the Rich and Famous’ in Volume 2 Issue 1.  It’ll cost you £26 though.

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