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cul de sac

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Cul de Sac by Matthew Roy Davey

Image By Alan Murray-Rust, CC BY-SA 2.0,


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Far in

Now that UK Lockdown is over and Boris has made us safe again, it’s time to stop flogging this weary horse.  I realise the daily anticipation of what new wonder will appear is all that kept many of you going during these dark days but you will need to find something else to fill your lives from this point on… But now it is YOUR turn to help me.  Click on the link below and let me know which are your 5 favourite pictures – you may even have more that you like, it’s an agonising choice.  Don’t worry, I’ve got rid of the really shit ones.  ‘Are there any left?’ I hear you cry, and yes, I’m afraid there are a fair few to wade through.  Think of it as a nostalgic journey through those bleak days, now in the past, the days of the LOCKDOWN.  Let me know in comments, a pm, or email me at

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