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Carol Ann Duffy reviewed ‘New Writing’ in The Sunday Telegraph, describing ‘Waving at Trains’ as “bleakly poised and moving” and that it “perfectly captures the cadences of adolescence”.  She also describes me as a “younger writer” which gives you an idea of how long ago the review was published.



Someone has written a critical essay/review (in English) on a Spanish website which I have not bothered to find a way into, not speaking Spanish.  If anyone is able to get me a copy of the while article I’d appreciate it!


The Sunday Times

Stuart Lee reviewing Schnauser’s album ‘The Sound of Meat’, refers to ‘Last One Picked’ as a “guilty piano-led pleasure”.

Online reviews

For ‘The Curse of Terror Hall’

Detailed and evocative descriptions of characters and setting support a pacy and interesting plot. Great for young adults / teenagers and older adults who are a bit too scared to attempt Stephen King (or who like a good, well-written story).

By C. Drew on 26 July 2016

Great example of its genre, and an enjoyable read if you can say that about creepy fiction! I Look forward to reading more from this author


I couldn’t put this book down. A real ‘edge of your seat’ book. I would highly recommend, very well written.

4.0 out of 5 stars

By Coach House Books on 16 Aug. 2016

A great little scary story that perfectly evokes the claustrophobic world of childhood friendships. Ideal school holiday reading
on 20 August 2016
A page turner from start to finish with a marvellous twist.
on 10 September 2016
A great read – excellent plot, characters and ending. Ideal for teenagers who love a thrilling tale.
on 15 September 2016
A totally engaging read. The characters are well crafted, believable and typical boys. I would recommend it to enthuse teenage boys. Thrilling right to the end.
on 17 September 2016
A gripping ‘edge of your seat’ read with a sinister twist. Perfect read for teenagers – loved it!
on 1 October 2016
Mr Davey’s book floats my boat.
Safari Sarah  My son liked it although it’s not his genre. He said that he thought it was written ‘chillingly with a hint of unsettlement’.  I think it is really good – understated  but nothing that would provoke nightmares!. 
Amy Kimber As a big fan of the French series “the returned” I really enjoyed it. Will be getting a copy for the nephews