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Fail Better


schnauer head

New Schnauser album ‘Irritant’ out now – contains Davey/Strawbridge track ‘Fail better’.  Follow the link below!


Green shield


A new story in My humiliations – click on toolbar at the top.





I’ve created a new page for the Schnauser lyrics I’ve written, should anyone be remotely interested.  Only a couple up at present, the others were written so long ago I’ve lost them…

Most pertinent…

Davey/Strawbridge composition ‘Fail Better’ mentioned in the first review for Schnauser’s Irritant.

New Schnauser album

schnauer head

Irritant – now available to preorder.  Contains new Strawbridge/Davey track ‘Fail Better’.

schnauer head

schnauer head

New poems


In Hold Fast




A new page on the tool bar – giving a little context to the images

Last Laugh


Last Laugh – in – Other Bother

An artist doing a dump on a beach…

tolouse lautrec

(Toulouse-Lautrec if you didn’t happen to recognise the arse), an apposite introduction for a new story – Light red over black – in Other Bother which is, as always, accessible on the toolbar at the top.

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